Saturday, August 18, 2012

Using a Livescribe Computer Pen with Your Preschoolers!


Today I am going to post some videos about using a Livescribe pen in your preschool classroom.
You can learn more about this computer pen HERE
 The pen I will be using in the videos is a PULSE pen.  There are other ones available

Today's blog is just to show you how you can incorporate a computer pen into a preschool classroom.
I think I have 3 videos that will show you just a few things you can do with this pen.
They are very simple things that can be left at a table with the pen during centers or used during a group activity.  

The first video is a little bit about the pen and then centers around what you can do with a Community Helpers Theme.  Enjoy!
(please keep in mind that I am filming/talking and demonstrating all at once  LOL)
There may be a couple times I mess up a little....oh well..I am not perfect! :o)


This next video shows a variety of games to make with the Livescribe Pen

The Last video is just a simple ABC File Folder game
It was the first thing I made with the computer pen.

Well....that concludes this blog.  Hopefully you got some ideas to use in your classroom this year.  It's pretty easy to bring a little technology into your room and it is so simple for the kids.

Oh yeah...another thing this pen is good for is to record the kids for Speech.  This lets you replay it later and really listen.  You can also jot notes down on the paper to remind yourself of their speech needs.  Also good to write out IEP goals or any other lesson plans you may have and put them right into your computer!

Definitely check it out.  I admit I have NO clue what all it can do...but I know that it is a great learning tool!

Catch ya next time!   

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