Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Easter!

Some fun, educational things to do with your 
preschooler using eggs, bunnies, etc.
Hope you enjoy and have fun
making some of the crafts and
implementing some of these ideas!


Egg Color Grouping:  - Place 6 large plastic eggs (taken apart), 6 
       smaller eggs of the same colors, and two small items of each 
       color, into a small basket.  The child has to find and place two, same colored items into the same colored small egg and then place that into the matching large egg.  They should end up with 6 filled eggs.  

Eraser Patterns:  - Buy a couple packs of Easter erasers at the store (can be found at most 
dollar type stores.  Have the child make patterns with them and then say each pattern to you.

Egg Puzzles - copy some clipart pictures of eggs onto cardstock, cut out the eggs and laminate for durability.  Cut each egg into 2 pcs with a funny line shape.  Put all the pieces in a small Easter dish and see how many eggs your child can find.  Have them count.

Sorting Erasers  - I found these thin foam shapes you can use with your erasers or you can just cut shapes out to match whatever erasers you have.  Have child sort the erasers onto the correct  foam piece.  Count.  Which one had the most, least or were equal?

Play-Doh-  You can make your own pastel colored play dough or use store bought.  Give them lots of cookie cutters or chocolate molds to use.

Number Match - Make up some cards and place a different # of stickers on each card.  Have the child count the stickers and then find that number card and match it with the correct card.  If they do not know their numbers yet.  Have them turn the card over and count the dots on the back.

Eraser Math - Use the erasers and shape mats.  Have child place some erasers on the first mat, then have them place erasers on the second mat.  Have them count the erasers on each mat and then say the numbers in a math problem...have them transfer all the erasers onto the last mat and say the whole problem.  Example:  2 erasers + 4 erasers = how many all together on the last mat?

Finger Puppets - Look for cute finger puppets at dollar stores or I actually got these on a cake one year.  The kids love them.  They can use them to put on a little play for you or a friend or you can use them in the sand table.

Sand Table - You can fill your sand table with either sand or with Easter grass. The kids love it both ways.  They love to look for things in the grass, or plant/hide things in the sand.  These little carrots in here used to be filled with powder candy (which I ate!  LOL).

Arts & Crafts

Chocolate Bunny - Print out your bunny shape and then mix dry chocolate pudding mix with some brown paint to make it small like chocolate.  Let them paint their bunny.  While the paint is wet, add the sticker eye and bunny tail so they stick. Let them use candy sprinkles to decorate it.  When dry...cut out and hang in the windows or around the room.

Easter Egg Cards - Here are two types of fun cards your child can make to brighten someone's day.  One that the top slides apart and open where the front flaps open to reveal a message.

Sweetened, Condensed milk painted eggs -  pour a little condensed milk into a few small bowls or paint cups.  Mix in either liquid paint or just food coloring.  Use tag board or cardstock to cut out big egg shapes.  Let them paint with the milk and decorate lots of Easter eggs.  When these dry, the are really shiny. 

Crepe Paper Eggs - Cut an egg shape from a piece of clear contact paper.  Peel the back off and lay sticky side up on the table.  Have your child tear pieces of pastel crepe paper and stick them to the contact paper in any design they want.  When all the sticky parts are covered, these are pretty to hang in the window and let the sun shine through.

Bubble Eggs  - put some water in some shallow bowls and add food coloring or liquid watercolors to make the colors you want for eggs.  Add some dish soap to each bowl.  Use a straw to stick in each bowl and blow bubbles until they are above the rim of the bowl.  Lay your cut out egg shape over the bubbles for a second and remove. As the bubbles pop on the paper, it leaves a cool design.  Repeat with different colors until you are happy with your colored egg.

Marble Eggs - You can do one big egg on a sheet of paper or draw smaller ones.  Lay your paper in a shallow pan or if you have a flat top to a box, that works great too.  Choose your paint colors and drip some dots of paint around the outside of your drawn eggs.  Place about 5 marbles in the pan or lid and pick the whole thing up and while holding onto the sides of the box....gently roll the marbles all around...through the paint until your egg is colored to your satisfaction.  let dry and then cut out to decorate with.

Basket of Eggs - Have two basket shapes cut out for each child.  Let them draw lines on each side to make it look like a wicker basket.  Have them use a glue stick to glue the two handles together and they can help you staple around the outside of the actual basket part. Open the basket up a little bit in the middle and let them put some grass inside.  Give them some Have them cut a couple egg shapes and use markers to decorate and add tho the basket.

Chalk & Tape Eggs  - Use tag board to cut out egg shapes.  Use skinny tape to let them tape a design on their egg. You can help them with the tape.  Then use a paint brush to brush water over the egg.  Not too much.  While it is wet, use chalk to color in the taped off sections.  The water helps the chalk blend.  Once they are done, remove the tape to see a beautiful egg.

Bunny Bags

Bunny Plate Craft

A couple of fun games I found at the dollar store:

I hope this gives you some ideas!  Haven't even gotten to 
books, songs, foods  LOL
But I feel this is getting long and it is late and I better get to bed!

Last but not least!  Fill a bunch of eggs and hide them
and have a huge Easter Egg Hunt!  

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