Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Farm Fun!

Some of our fun ideas we used this week!  Hope they 
help you if you are looking for ideas for a farm theme!

 A few of our farm books we read
 Read Mrs. Wishy Washy and then the animals
went out and got dirty in our sand table and then
we gave them baths in our watertable.
 Fingerpainting with pudding to make 
mud puddles for our piggies to roll in.
Smells yummy and we saved some
for snack time later.
 Sorting animals by whether they can fly 
or just walk, by size, and color.
 Using pictures to match our border.
 Our finished piggy artwork
 We used the animals pieces to match the correct
animals, but then we made silly animals and gave
them silly names.
 Our name/letter recognition for the week
 Use water bottle caps to match letters.
 Tracing lines as part of our pre-writing work.

 Five Little Pigs in the Mud Song/activity
 Make a sliding story board, where the characters
slide through a slot as you retell the story.
 Matching legs to horses by color.
 Now learning how to mix two colors and make
a new color to finish our secondary color horses.

 Hmmmmm.....does this animal live at the Zoo 
or at the Farm?
 Listened and watched as Ree Drummond read
us her book, Charlie the Ranch Dog

 Our cucumber we have been watering.
Gonna eat it tonight!
 Match animals to the correct color of barn.
 Measuring our animals with Unifix cubes and
counting to see Most/Least
 Cooking lots of food for our animals in the barn.
 Barnyard memory game

Watercoloring a farmyard 
 Can you guess Who I Am cards.  We had a card for 
each farm animal and they have little animal pics that 
the kids can place inside the correct barn as we read the clues.
 Matching mommies with babies (Big & Little)
Tomorrow we will watch a Rosie's Walk video
on and then color and cut these story
sequencing cards the kids can take home.
 Handprint farm yard

Filling our letter of the week with Beads

Our fun "Race for the Barn" game using
chip counters with the #s 1-3 and some blank ones
which mean you can't move.
 Clapping out 1 and 2 syllable farm words and placing them in
the correct "field"

 Once we had all the words in our fields, we determined which field had the
most and which one had the least

We cut our Rosie's Walk pictures apart and made a retelling map
that the kids could take home and share with their families.  The instructions and where
to find the video, if they'd like to watch, were included on the back.
The video is on youtube.

Hope these give you some ideas for your farm theme.
Many of these ideas can be found on Pinterest or feel
free to message me if you have a question!

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