Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall / Leaves / Squirrels / Scarecrows
Hope you enjoy all the fun fall inspired activities I am posting
that we did in our classroom last week.   I will also be posting 
our ideas from our Pumpkin Week that we are doing this week, so make sure you check back for that!

Leaf sensory bin (we used fake leaves as ours were wet outside)
We added plastic acorns and leaves to find and sort or pattern with.

 Leaf shaped cookie cutters and Play-doh

 We used contact paper & tissue paper to make leaves

 Filling our letter of the week with fall manipulatives

 We mixed up salt/cinnamon play-dough made some leaf
ornaments.  We heated them in the oven for about 4 hours on 200
 These turned out so cute and if you made the leaves small
enough and thin enough, they would make cute necklaces.

 Counting, tallying & graphing

 Painted Hand/Leaf cards to make cards with.  The hands can
also be turned the other way to make a heart and it could say
"I Love Fall!"
 We measured many things in our room with leaves we found 
outside...including ourselves....
 Then we graphed them to find tallest/shortest

 Take a tray or board and lay a few fall time items on it.
Have children study to board for a minute or two.
Then have them turn around and hide their eyes.  While they
are turned...."steal / borrow" one of the items and place 
behind your back.  See if they can identify the missing object.

 We went on a scavenger hunt and found all the items on 
our paper.  We checked them all off and put them in a bag
with the picture so they could be shared with family or they could 
go on a scavenger hunt with their family and see if they could 
find them all too!

 We have too fire-bellied toads that we brought out to play 
with us in our fall stuff for a while.  This is Gilbert whom we have had for 11 years.

 This is Daisy whom we have had for 8 - 9 years now.

 We used paint dabbers to color all of our scarecrow's clothes....
 then we added their faces and some leaves from outside to 
complete our scarecrow pics.

 Using fall items to pattern
 I laminated these leaves years ago and we use them to 
sort by type and then by size.

 Please help our squirrels find the right tail!  It will soon
be winter and they may need those furry tails to stay warm!

 Played our "Oh Nuts!" Game
If you turn over am "oh nuts" card you lose a turn.
If you land on an acorn, you get to move ahead 2 spaces.
Be the first to make it to the tree to win the game!
 Use brown, black and white paint to paint a squirrel shape,
then glue leaves from outside to his tail and give him a nose and eyes.  Cut out around the outline.
Color the leaves by following the color code at the top. 
Great to see if they know their colors :)
Use tiles to finish a scarecrow picture to make sides match

Followed directions to see what color to trace each leaf or acorn 
with and then finished coloring according to color.

Followed directions.  Listened to hear how many leaves of 
each color to color and what color to trace the bag and rake tines.

That is a lot of what our FALL week was about!
Enjoy fall ---- My favorite time of year!!
Remember to check back for pumpkin ideas!!!

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